Building a solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi, anchored by a network of cooperatives and other worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises.

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This February, show your love and help build the Lumumba Center for Economic Development and Democracy. Give what you can. We love and appreciate your support!

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Economic Democracy: People Power and Cooperative Alternatives for a Sustainable Black Future

By Kali Akuno                        

In this article, Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson ask critical questions like what is the root cause of racism and national oppression in the U.S.? What are the underlying reasons for the fact that Black people remain at the bottom of the U.S. economy? What are African-American organizations and communities doing to resist the persistence of institutional racism and structural inequality? And what is the direction forward? Read full article.

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Mission & Purpose

The broad mission of Cooperation Jackson is to advance the development of economic democracy in Jackson, Mississippi, by building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed enterprises.

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Sacajawea Hall accepts check from rainbow co-op

Rainbow Co-op Members Collectively Donate to Cooperation Jackson

Cooperation Jackson received a donation from Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative as apart of their Rainbow Roundup. Each month Rainbow features an organization and it's members collectively contribute to the organization and its cause. Rainbow Roundup ask members to simply round up their purchase to the nearest dollar. All the change is collected and given to the organization. Cooperation Jackson thanks Rainbow and its members who rounded up their purchases to support us!



Our Story

Cooperation Jackson is the realization of a vision decades in the making. Our roots lay deep within the struggle for democratic rights, economic justice, and self-determination, particularly for Afrikan people in the Deep South, and for dignity and equality for all workers.

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Video by Kai Productions /Reel Walk Cinema.

Commemoration for the late Mayor, Chokwe Lumumba

Join us February 27th and 28th to celebrate the life and contributions of Chokwe Lumumba, preserve his memory, and continue advancing his political and social mission. Cooperation Jackson's Lumumba Center for Economic Democracy and Development is an institution that will continue the legacy of Lumumba and our heroes and sheroes before him. The Commemoration will be a benefit for Cooperation Jackson and the Lumumba Center. The Lumumba Center will also be home to Nubia's Place Cafe, named after Nubia Lumumba. To make a donation, click here.

For the PDF of the Program Booklet of the Chokwe Lumumba Commemoration, click  HERE.

For details of the Commemoration, click here.

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Our Principles

Cooperation Jackson has 13 Core Principles, which were crafted by adapting aspects from the basic principles of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation in the Basque country of Spain, and the International Cooperative Alliance’s cooperative identity, values and principles. 

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